Nancy had been raised showing pure bred dogs, primarily Collies and Afghan hounds with her sister.  While growing up she knew she always wanted to have a Bedlington Terrier.  She eventually did have a few pet Bedlingtons, all the whilst raising three children on her own.


Nancy married Norm and the official "Starcastle" was soon to follow with the purchase of her foundation male John. John was shown by Marianne Cummings, of the acclaimed Hollywink Kennels. Marianne would turn out to be more than just a handler, she was a mentor, a friend and family, a grandmother to Carol when she was born.

Sadly in the early 1980's we lost Marianne, Norm and Nancy did all the handling for several years with several very successful dogs, including a top special, Ch. Hollywink Starcastle, Winky.  They continued the handling of Starcastle Bedlingtons until Carol was prepared for theconformation ring. since the age of 4,  Carol was a part of the showing experience at Starcastle, she finished her first champion by the age of 7, became a competitive nationally ranked Top Junior Handler, campaigning several top specials, finishing numerous champions and all while stillattending middle & high school.  When Carol went onto college, Nancy and Norm once again became the foundation of handling for Starcastle Bedlington Terriers.  


Carol has also gone on to become a Junior Showmanship advocate and an AKC licensed judge.

In 1997, a unique oddity was added to our collection, a Vizsla named Elmo. He has now become the foundation for what has become Starcastle Vizslas. Carol is now into her 5th generation of vizslas in a mere 23 years of selective breeding. Carol, Joe, Deanna and Elizabeth are now the primary breeder in Starcastle, with huge contributions made and many dogs co-bred and co -owned with Jen Miller of Stardust Vizslas in Michigan.  The Vizslas and the Bedlington Terriers co-exist joyfully and are a great balance between two entirely different dispositions.

In January of 2020, sadly, Nancy passed away leaving the legacy of Starcastle primarily to Carol and her granddaughters. Here's to a bright future and many more generations of loving, long lived, and beautiful Starcastle dogs, in various breeds. As of Nancy's passing, she had bred, owned, or co-owned in 4 breeds: more than 80 AKC champions, more than 30 Canadian Champions, breeder of the first American bred bedlington terrier to complete its FCI International Title in Europe, she was breeder to One of the most titled Bedlington Terriers in history. and in a variety of 150 titles.

Starcastle prides itself on producing quality puppies, in very few litters, only breeding selectively chosen sires and dams using DNA testing, health evaluations,OFAcertifications, temperament testing, conformation evaluation and unparalleled veterinary care, being at the forefront of  every breeding decision.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank our mentors and friends within the Bedlington and Vizsla communities as well as in the dog show world, both present and those who have passed for sharing with us, your passion, your knowledge and your love for the dog!